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MIC B-12 Injections

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When you follow a physician-supervised, calorie-restricted diet, you may need nutritional supplements to ensure you’re getting all the essential nutrients your body needs. At Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness in Miami, the team may include MIC B12 injections in your personalized weight loss plan to supplement your nutritional needs and increase your energy levels. Call Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness or schedule a consultation online to get expert support to meet your weight loss goals.



MIC B-12 Injections Q & A

What is Vitamin B12?

B12 is one of the many vitamins your body needs for optimal function. B12 supports healthy cell growth and keeps your nerve and blood cells healthy. It is found in animal products, including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

Most people get enough B12 from the food they eat, but when you follow a calorie-restricted diet or if you’re vegan or vegetarian, you may develop a B12 deficiency. A B12 deficiency can lead to fatigue, weakness, and mental health issues, such as depression and memory loss.

What are MIC B12 Injections?

MIC B12 injections are a fat-burning, energy-boosting injectable supplement that can support and accelerate your weight loss efforts. In addition to B12, the injections include:

  • Methionine — an amino acid that helps your liver break down fats, lowers cholesterol, and relieves fatigue
  • Inositol — another B vitamin that supports dietary fat processing and regulates your mood and appetite
  • Choline — an essential nutrient that promotes healthy liver function

The providers at Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness usually prescribe two to three MIC B12 shots each week to enhance your energy levels. The MIC B12 formula is delivered via injection to ensure your body absorbs the essential vitamins and amino acids. Often, when you take a supplement orally, many of the nutritional benefits are lost in your digestive tract.

How Do MIC B12 Injections Support Weight Loss?

MIC B12 shots not only improve your nervous system health, but they also increase your energy levels, improve your endurance, and stabilize your mood. The injections can also boost your metabolism and help your body burn calories and fat to increase your energy.

Your increased energy levels and enhanced mood help you to control your cravings and make healthy choices about the food that you consume. You won’t reach for the easy, but high-calorie convenience food because you have plenty of energy to prepare a nutritious meal.

What Should I Expect While Having MIC B12 Injections?

If MIC B12 injections are part of your customized, physician-supervised weight loss program, you stop into the practice two or three times a week for a quick injection. You can schedule your regular meetings to monitor your progress at the same time as your injections. Overall, you should feel energized and confident about your weight loss journey and have increased motivation to keep up your great work.

Call Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness or make an appointment online to kick-start your weight loss journey today.